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Pol Roger x Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill & Pol Roger


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Although best remembered as the greatest statesman of the 20th century, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill amused himself with another less known passion: He loved to paint.

This Pol Roger packaging design pays homage to Churchill’s love of luxury champagne and oil painting by uniting the two. The design honours the heritage, class and sophistication of Pol Roger and celebrates the enthusiasm, dedication and excitement Churchill experienced while taking a joy ride in his paint-box.

In celebration of this joy the colours, subjects and influences of the design are drawn from Churchill’s last ever painted work ‘The Goldfish pool at Chartwell.’ This 1962 painting focuses on Churchill’s favourite place, a pond in the garden of his beloved home where he could be found feeding the goldfish right up until the end of his days. Both his daughter and granddaughter recounted the Sunday morning tradition of trailing Churchill across the stepping stones to the pond.

Enthusiasm for feeding the goldfish is a timeless just like Pol Roger Champagne. I wanted to create a timeless design which drew on the past of Sir Winston Churchill to influence the future consumers of Pol Roger Champagne which is why I chose this particular artwork to inform my box.

Rather than recreating his artwork where hues of greens and browns are layered I drew on this specific memory of Churchill from a child’s perspective to inform my design. I have used collage to capture his abstract artwork in a unique and contemporary way which honours Churchill’s passion for painting. By incorporating the elegance of the Pol Royal brand I have created a design which both speaks to loyal customers and entices new ones.

Overall my design blends the essence of Pol Roger’s vineyard and Sir Winston Churchills artwork and countryside home. It transports its consumer straight to these places and enhances the experience of indulging in Pol Roger Champagne.