Art by Tess

Art by Tess

I’m an Auckland based artist with a Bachelor of Communication Design from Auckland’s University of Technology. My devotion to and passion for aesthetics and the finer details flourished into a desire to express myself visually where I pour my feelings, beliefs and experiences into art.

My work utilises multimedia collage to bridge the gap between the pretty and the powerful, melding fashion, illustration and photography to connect with my audience on more than just an aesthetic level. Characterized by bold colours and pictorial representations, my intention is that the energetic compositions hint at deeper meanings unveiled through the thought- provoking captions paired alongside the works.

This intermix of words and pictures is possibly one of the more important aspects of my work. The words and pictures reinforce one another, hinting at implied meanings while still allowing the viewer to obtain a message which resonates with them most.The vibrant arrangements are explosive, playful and lively, and my experiences are subtly weaved throughout them. I aim to inspire, enlighten or support my viewer while engaging them on a deeper and more personal level.

I’ve held several exhibitions and have had the honour of being hung alongside well-established & award winning local & international artists. Find my full range of available artwork by clicking the link below.



I was commissioned by owner of Eat My Lunch NZ Lisa King to create a one-off piece. This was created with Lisa’s input, critiques and direction at the helm of my design decisions. Personalized pieces start at $3,000 NZD and enquiries can be made via email.


12 Gallery

As of late 2016 I’ve been represented by Auckland & Queenstown based art house, 12 Gallery for selective works. I’ve held several solo exhibitions & have been hung alongside well-established artists such as Johnny Romeo and Andy Leleisi’uao.



My work is on display in a range of locations across New Zealand. This includes The Dairy Boutique Hotel, Ivy Clinic and Attiqa Cocktail bar, all located in Queenstown, along with the prestigious Pullman 5 star luxury hotel in the Auckland CBD.